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Injury & Sports Therapy

Within the Elite Fit Gym we have a dedicated Injury Therapy and Sports Massage Room, operated by Harry Priddle-Ralph and William Ducos, Qualified Sports and Injury Therapists.

What can we do for you?

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Identifying the cause of pain and how to avoid worsening a problem.

Sports massage on leg

Sports Massage

Professional Sports Massage to relieve any tension or pain.

Leg Injury


Injury treatment to rehabilitate and prevent future pain.

Physical Therapy Session

Training Plans for Injuries

Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning plans for in gym/at home. 

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Injury and Sports Therapy is an independent business, operated within Elite Fit Skegness premises. Elite Fit houses this business for the convenience of our clients to offer a wide range of services, however the business is not affiliated with Elite Fit, nor is our business affiliated with theirs.