Elite Personal Training

All of our Personal Trainers at Elite Fit Skegness are hand-selected for their unique expertise and experience, as well as for their character and integrity in their work.

All of our trainers are self employed, which means you will be taken on by your chosen trainer as their personal client and they will be completely invested in supporting you to achieve your goal. Your trainer will check in with you, motivate through your prescribed plan, and push you to discover your abilities, as it is their primary job, and not a secondary role within the gym.

The rates for each of our personal trainers will differ depending on experience and speciality, though all will offer discounts when booking a block of sessions. If you would like more information or to book a consultation with one of our trainers to see if they're for you, take a look at their info via the link below, and please get in touch!

Benefits of a Personal Trainer


Expert Knowledge

Our Personal Trainers have studied in depth to understand the science of the body and exercise, and continue to develop and build their skills regularly.

They can instil you with as little or as much knowledge as you wish to learn, so you can eventually feel empowered and in-the-know about you own health and fitness.


Having a Personal Trainer keeps your accountable to your sessions, and with a training plan provided you'll have targets to reach and goals to aim for. They'll check in with your progress and keep your eye on the prize, motivating you to get it done, and get it done right.


Motivation & Support

Sometimes you don't know what you're capable of until you have somebody to push and support you. A Personal Trainer can help you safely find your limit, and stretch it further and further each time. They're also on hand to help with your overall lifestyle, diet and daily habits to support your training.

Faster Progress

Personal Trainers are educated in how the body moves and works, and so they can identify the best way to train for you, and steer you in the best direction. A Personal Trainer will track your progress and change your course when needed to make sure every workout is as effective as possible.