Full Body Check In

Whether you're starting your fitness journey, beginning a new plan, or looking to make sure your progress is on track - Body Check Ins are vital to ensure everything is moving in the right direction.

Our Bioimpedance Analysis scales can measure 13 different metrics that are key to understanding not only your physicality, but also give important indicators in your overall health.

Our Analysis Includes:


13 Body Metrics

  • Body Weight

  • BMI

  • Body Fat %

  • Fat-Free Body Weight

  • Body Water %

  • Subcutaneous Fat

  • Visceral Fat

  • Muscle Mass

  • Bone Mass

  • Skeletal Muscle

  • Protein Percentage

  • Basal Metabolic Rate

  • Metabolic Age

  • Circumference Measurements

Digital Circumference

Circumference Measurements are one of the best indicators of progress, and are a fantastic physical indicator of change. Measurements will also help identify any possible imbalances that may have been unnoticed but need to be addressed before they cause any problems.


Results Synced To Your Device

All your measurements are tracked via an App on your own device, and the data syncs with most Health Apps including Apple Health, Fitbit and more. You will see your current stats, targets and progress charts from each measurement, with detailed results as well as a simple colour-coded indictor of which "zone" you fall in to in terms of your fitness and health.

Personalised Consultation

Each appointment will include a 10 minute 1-to -1 consultation with one of our personal trainers, who can advise you on how to make any changes that are needed to keep your health and fitness in the "green zones". Advice will be tailored to your own lifestyle and will be actionable steps you can take day to day to start making an impact right away, with no pressure to take on any of our training or diet programmes - They are optional.

Person Checking Data


Set up and first check in FREE for Members (or £5 for non-members), and £5 per check-in thereafter, which includes a free tea/coffee and your consultation with a trainer.